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Press Information 20.11.2020 SOHO in Ottakring 2020: changes of program due to COVID-19 Download PDF   Press Information 20.05.2020 SOHO in Ottakring 2020: prorgram of autumn 2020 and start of modification of Sandleitenhof Download PDF (german)         Download Pictures © Sandra György Download: SOHOinOttakring_Herbst2020_03 Ma(h)lzeit © Sandra György | free of charge if named   © Mehmet Emir Download: SOHOinOttakring_Herbst2020_01 © Mehmet Emir | free of charge if named © Mehmet Emir Download: SOHOinOttakring_Herbst2020_02 ©Memet Emir     | free of charge if named  

SOHOnline- Festival 2020   Press information 15.05.2020 Download PDF (german)   Press information 23.04.2020 Download PDF (german)   original program festival 2020 Download Programm  (german)   Download Pictures Soho in Ottakring Festivalsujet 2020 © Foto und Grafik, Caterina Krüger  | free of charge if named portrait Download portrait 1 Download portrait 2 Download portrait 3 landscape format Download landscape format 1  Download landscape format 2 Download landscape format 3 06.06. Vokale Verwandlung_ struction Choir Collective_Foto © Max Scheidl | free of charge if named Download  07.06. Cave_Foto @Delphine Hsini Mae (1)  | free of charge if named Download Cave_Foto@Jia-ling

What´s that? About freedom of expression and the struggles around it. "I believe in fight, I believe human beings learn from confrontation, from discussion, from struggle. Education means exchanging perspectives. When we discuss about prejudices, ideas, values, politics, with other people, we learn. That's the point." Freedom of expression and assembly, cornerstones of a democracy When voices are heard that are "fed up" with democracy because diversity and freedom of expression of the "wrong" people are annoying, they