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SOHO in Ottakring 2020 Photo © Mehmet Emir   SOHO in Ottakring is transforming. Following a period of conversion and renovation work in Viennas 16th district at Sandleitenhof, SOHO in Ottakring will open a COMMUNITY / ART / CENTER in the old cinema (Spring 2021) and studios for artists in the old museum (Summer 2021). Sandleitenhof is the largest community housing complex built during the era of Red Vienna and is located on the Western edge of Ottakring near

A project organised by SOHO in Ottakring, Karsten Michael Drohsel and the wienXtra-Ferienspiel for kids from 6-10 and 10-13 years A “Kyaraben” game with "Vitamin Karl" "You shouldn´t play with food", adults often say. But why not? What if you eat your food well behaved after having played with it? That's what this program is all about: the playful approach to food, colors, textures and, above all, unknown food that you may have missed so far (who likes

In 2019 and 2020, the main topic of SOHO in Ottakring will be: "Let's get to the point! About freedom of expression and the struggle for it." In October 2019 SOHO in Ottakring will exhibit positions of the four artists Karolina Breguła, Miklós Erhardt, Lena Lapschina and Hansel Sato in the Old Cinema of the Sandleitenhof. The artists Karolina Breguła (P) and Miklós Erhardt (H) will present their work in the context of the political situation in neighboring