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SOHO in Ottakring is an art project and festival in urban space, created in 1999 as part of an artist initiative, which extended over the Brunnen quarter, part of the 16th district of Vienna, until 2012. Since 2013, SOHO in Ottakring sets a new focus on the area of “Sandleiten”, located on the northwestern edge of Ottakring. In continuous collaborative work with the means of art, SOHO in Ottakring gives impulses for participation in the local environment and focuses on aspects of urbanity and urban social life.

During the biennial early summer 2-week festival artists on national and international level are invited to exhibit, to perform and to collaborate with various local groups and (cultural) institutions, and schools, youth centers, business people and neighborhood residents. During the festival, the proactive use of public space is essential. From the beginning, temporary use of vacant stores and buildings were an important part of the artistic presence during the festival period.

The tension between different interests in the area, in which SOHO takes place, forms the soil – and in some art projects also the breeding ground – of artistic work. Altogether, the scope of this work ranges from “classical” exhibitions to concrete socio-politically engaged projects, which also pick up and focus on the implications of the district.

In addition, SOHO in Ottakring strives for international partnerships and exchange with projects of similar objectives in other European cities.



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