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Exhibition “Freedom of speech in times of populism”

Exhibition: 9th -27th of October 2019

Opening: 8th of October 2019 at 7pm.

Opening Hours: Wed-Sun 3-8 pm

Liebknechtgasse 32, 1160 Vienna

SOHO in Ottakring will be showing the positions of the four artists Karolina Breguła, Miklós Erhardt, Lena Lapschina and Hansel Sato in the Alte Kino of the Sandleitenhof from 9th to 27th of October 2019 in the exhibition “Free opinion in times of populism”.

The Polish-born artist Karolina Breguła and the Hungarian artist Miklós Erhardt will present their work in the context of the political situation in neighboring Poland and Hungary.

In the spirit of continuity and visibility of SOHO in Ottakring, the exhibition 2019 is an important part of opening and focusing the topic of SOHO in Ottakring 2019/20. It is intended to invite people of high artistic standards to deal with the topic of art and freedom of expression and to create access points.



11th of October, 7pm

Debate “The significance of freedom of speech in our society”

Participants: Delna Antia-Tatic (das Biber), Michael Fleischhacker (Addendum) and Nina Horaczek (Falter)

Host: Michael Herbler (Kombinat3)


23rd of October, 7pm

“Freedom of Expression and Hate Speech – Searching for clues in urban democracy”.

Talk with Hansel Sato and anthropologist Danila Mayer about the Eu-Project FreeEx.


Guided Tours with the Curators

18th and 23rd of October at  5.30pm

27th of October at 3.30 pm


Short biographies of the artists:

Karolina Breguła (* 1979) graduated in 2015 from the Film Academy in Łódź. She also works in photography, installation and happening. Her films inhabit the border area of ​​contemporary art and cinema – they are shown both in art galleries and at film festivals. Her work has been exhibited in Warsaw, London, New York and Venice. Breguła has been awarded several international prizes. She lives and works in Warsaw.


Miklós Erhardt (* 1966 in Budapest) reflects in his work on social, political and economic issues using interventionist and documentary methods. The artist interrogates u.a. Scope of action and validity of artistic interventions in “difficult” social milieus. He also works in collaborative contexts, such as from 1998-2006 member of the artists group “Big Hope”. He lives and works in Budapest.

http://www.bighope.hu/insideout/ | http://www.bighope.hu/reroute/

Lena Lapschina was born in Kurgan, Siberia. Her work includes various disciplines, including video, sculpture and installation. Since graduating from the State Stroganov University of Visual and Applied Arts in Moscow, her work has been shown around the world, from the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Lithuania, Romania and Russia to New York, Vietnam and Syria. Lapschina was awarded an Austrian state scholarship for video and media art in 2011. She lives and works in Vienna and Lower Austria.


Hansel Sato, born in Trujillo, Peru, came to Vienna in 1998 with the Unesco-Aschberg Scholarship for Art, where he lives and works ever since. Graduated in painting and graphics at the Universidad Catolica in Lima and at the Academy of Fine Arts. His artistic work encompasses representational painting, comics, drawing and public art interventions in the context of postcolonial theories. He is co-director of the Viennese SOHO art festival in Ottakring and senior lecturer at the Institute for Artistic Teaching (IKL) of the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.