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It comes from within
Lena Rosa Händle




In her thinking, Rosa Luxemburg combines political freedom with social justice and reminds us that freedoms in neoliberalism privilege the few and discriminate against the many. Various chains of association and levels of meaning concerning the current political situation during the corona pandemic are connected with Rosa Luxemburg’s observations of animals and nature. 

The corona crisis reveals social conditions clearly. Neoliberal globalisation and its treatment of nature and mankind are partly responsible for the emergence and spread of the virus. Questions about freedom and restrictions on freedom are being raised anew by the pandemic.


Lena Rosa Händle combines text excerpts by Rosa Luxemburg (“Letters from Prison”, 2017 and “On the Russian Revolution”, 1918) with media images, images of animals and nature, and with images that pick up on symbols of Western freedom to create an essayistic photographic film.




Lena Rosa Händle (* 1978 Berlin) is an artist and teacher. 2013-17 she was a university assistant at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Her artist book Laughing Inverts (2015, Kehrer Verlag) was nominated for the German Photo Book Award (2016). She has received numerous recognitions and grants, her work includes represented in the state art collection Dresden, in the collection of the Vienna Museum (MA7) and in the Gay Museum Berlin.